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Understanding Laminates

Chances are that you would have definitely come across a laminated wooden surface or furniture work, they are so common these days! So what are these? Laminates are artificially produced materials made from paper and plastic resins. In simple terms, they are "pasted" over the furniture work to give it the look and feel you desire. Just imagine them as a decorative chart papers that we all would have used to cover our books in those early years.

Laminates are by pasting together multiple layers of decorative paper and kraft paper, glued together under high temperature and pressure conditions. Commonly used laminates are available in thickness of 1.0 mm and size of 8 feet x 4 feet.

Laminates are generally pasted over the plywood surface using standard woodworking adhesives and masking tapes. Generally, working with laminates is quite simple and these can be easily installed by any carpenter. Laminates as a choice for finishing furniture is quite popular these days and there are several reasons to it. Firstly, the ease of installation. Once pasted, laminates need no further finishing, unlike veneers, which require a coat of polish. Secondly, laminates are cost-effective option for finishing furniture. The range of laminates available is now huge and at different price points. Lastly, even from maintenance perspective, laminated surfaces tend to be durable with much less maintenance requirements. 

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