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Selecting Fans

Fans are a must have in every home. Its hard to image a house in India without a fan in each room. Fans not only provide air circulation in the rooms but these days, are also an important part of the overall design landscape of the rooms. 

Making the right selection of fans is hence essesntial for a comfotable house. And when it comes to selecting fans, the most important aspect to focus on is the fan size.

Fan size is meausred as the overall area swept by the fan. Imagine it as the diameter of the circle that is formed when a fan is running. Typically, length of the blades of the fan would be slightly less than half the sweep of the fan.

The following table would give you an approximate idea on the size of the fan needed relative to the size of the room:


But fans are also used in commercial area, offices, large halls, auditoriums etc. Such areas would need multiple fans, with the number of such fans depedent upon the area of the place and the specifc fan size chosen. The following table illustrates this: