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Understanding Plywood

Plywood is probably the most essential item in any home or office interior or renovation work. Without using plywood, it is hard to imagine furniture being done in your office or home. 

So what is a plywood exactly? Put very simply, plywood is a manufactured timber-based product. While the actual process of manufacturing plywood is a long and complex one, to keep things simple, imagine plywood as a number of very thin timber sheets pasted together. These very thin timber sheets are called veneers. These veneers, in a certain number, depending upon the thickness desired in the plywood, are pressed under high temperature and pressure conditions, with suitable chemical additives, to give us the plywood that we see everywhere. 

Often, you would be confronted with choosing between different types of plywood, sizes, thicknesses etc. In the links below, we have tried to explain in simple terms the different types of plywood and suitability for different applications.

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1. Different types of plywood by composition

2. Different types of plywood by timber

3. Plywood sizes and thicknesses

4. Flush Doors, Block Boards and Flexi Ply


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