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Painting Process Explained

Painitng can be a tricky process. This is so because in most homes or offices, it is undertaken once in 3 - 5 year duration. However, the basic paining principle remains the same, though with advancement and introduction of new products and painiting systems, the process migth differ. 

Getting the paining process right is so very important for you to have that desied look on the walls, wood surface or metal surface. 

We have assembled together some really informative artciles which demystify the painting process. Remeber, whatever you see or read in the links below, we got all of that at some cool discounts.            Click here to buy.

All-in-one guide:

Interior walls:

Exterior Walls:

Wood Surfaces:

Metal Surfaces:



You might also find these useful:


And for those who like to watch it happen, here are some videos to help you:



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