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Paint Quantity Calculation

Choosing the right paint quantity for your painting needs is a very crucial decision. Because, if you order excess, it would be extra money spent by you as paints typically can't be stored and used for long, espescially in an upacked condition. And if you order less, then your work will get hampered. 

Paint quantity is depedent upon multiple factors viz. type of painting work (fresh paint or repaint), type of surface (interior/exterior/wood/metal), number of coats (two/three) and even the type of paint (distemper/enamel/lustre/emulsion) and even by the brand. 

We have collected together some of the most useful paint calculators in the links below. These are a very good starting point for your paint quantity estimation. Remeber, all these products are available on our site under the section          Wall Finished->Paints !!



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