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Painting Labor Costs

One of the key components of any painting job would be labor costs. The rates charges by contractors are typically on a per sq. ft. basis of the area to be painted i.e. your ceiling, walls, wooden surface, metal surface etc.

The rates vary from state to state and even from one city to another within the same state. The rates also vary depending upon:

- Application area: Interior painting, exterior paiting or wood/metal painting.

- Type of work: New paint or repaint. Generally, new painting jobs have higher labor rates as they are more time consuming.

- Type of paint: Specialized paints like enamels etc. have specific handling requirements, hence labor charges are higher. In contrast, for the more basic paints like distempers, labor rates are much lower.

The table below is purely indicative for the labor rates:

Application AreaNew Paint Labor CostsRepaint Labor Costs
Interior Walls Rs. 8-10/sq. ft. Rs. 2-4/sq. ft.
Exterior Walls Rs. 9-11/sq. ft. Rs. 4-6/sq. ft.
Wood Rs. 11-12/sq. ft. Rs.  11-12/sq. ft.
Metal Rs. 4-5/sq. ft. Rs. 3-4/sq. ft.


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