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Different Types of Light Fittings

There are many different types of light fittings available these days in the market. Each of these is meant for a specific functional requirement and each has its own aesthetics. It is important to understand these and make a judicious selection of such fittings for a well-lit home.

The most popular light fittings are listed below:

- Spotlights: As the name suggests, these are meant to highlight specific spots i.e. focus on select areas. These could be a decorative item in your house or on a painting on your wall or at your entrance. Generally, one is able to change the direction of the spotlights. They tend to consumer more energy than other lighting fixture but nevertheless are very effective when it comes to highlighting specific areas in your home.

- Downlights: These are very common and there in almost every house these days. Most of the times, these are put in the ceilings. Downlights give a very concentrated source of lighting and are generally suitable for most of the general purpose lighting needs in our homes. They are also called recessed lights since the protective housing is mounted within the ceilings such that only the fixture itself is exposed.

- Surface mounted lights: These are the lights that are not flush with the surface of the wall or ceiling, so you would be able to see the complete housing of the fixture as well, though the housing is typically finished.

- Panel lights: These are also very popular these days, especially w.r.t. LED lights. Panel lights serve a function similar to downlights but have different architecture compared to downlights. As a result of this difference, panel lights tend to give a very uniform, evenly spread and soothing light. In contrast, downlights tend to give much brighter lighting.

- Strip lights: Strip lights are generally flexible strips of rows of small lights, especially LEDs. These are very versatile, extremely flexible, and even cuttable in most cases. These can be either of standard color i.e. giving just one color like warm white or white light or could be RGB, a short form of Red, Green and Blue i.e. they give out different colors. These are extensively used for decoration purposes and even in cove lighting i,e, in recessed portions of the ceiling or behind wood work.

Some of the above mentioned fixtures come in different shape options like round and square/rectangular while some are standard. The correct choice of lighting fixtures would help you ensure a well-lit home without compromising on power or costs.

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