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Understanding Light Colors

Often when buying a bulb or a CFL or a LED light, you would have been asked the question: which light color you want? This question is bound to leave lot of us dumbfounded. We try to explain here what these colors are.

All the lights we see in our homes or offices or anywhere else, have a certain color. These are measured in Kelvins (K): the scientific measure for denoting the color of light. As a general rule, the higher the Ks, the brighter the light will be i.e its luminousity would be higher. 

Whilte there are a whole range of light colors, we would here the major ones which are generally used in homes and offices. These are:

- Warm White (2700 or 3000K)

- Cool White (4000 or 4500k)

- Daylight (6000 or 6500K)

Warm White is also called "yellow" light, since it gives out a slightly yellowish tinge. On the other extreme is Day Light, which gives a bluish tinge to light, something similar to the daytime sky color. This is also callled "white" light. In between these two is Cool White, which gives true white color.

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