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Finishing Furniture

So, you have made your furniture. Congratulations. But what next? Next is the million rupees question of how do you want to finish it off. Most of us are not aware but there are quite a few options for the final finish on our furniture. 

The kind of finish that can be put on the furniture is also dependent on the underlying material that is used to make the furniture. Generally, you can make furniture out of solid wood (if you are very rich) or out of plywood. If the furniture is solid wood, then in most of the cases, the finishing to be done is through polishing the furniture. In case of plywood, you would have 3 options:

- Laminates

- Veneers

- Paints

In case you have used laminates, probably nothing else would be needed. For veneers, a round of polishing is needed. And if you decide to opt for paints, you just simply end-up painting your furniture (like your wall though materials and technique used is quite different). 

So, explore the articles below, and make the right choice for your furniture.


1. Understanding Laminates

2. Understanding Veneers

3. Difference between Laminates and Veneers

4. Painting and Polishing furniture


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