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Different Types of Plywood (By Composition)

If you ever go to a local plywood dealer, you would hear all sorts of terminology like commercial, marine, BWP etc. So what exactly are these?

Plywood is manufactured as per different specifications, and these are accordingly denoted in the trade. Each of these have their own characteristics and properties and best meant for usage in specific cases. So it is very important for you to understand these differences for you to make right choice of plywood. 

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The basic difference in plywood arises from the gluing or bonding agent that is used in the manufacturing process. Plywood is manufactured by gluing together thin sheets of timber called veneer. The most common kinds of plywood are given below:

1. Commercial Grade: This is perhaps the most commonly available and used plywood. Also, called MR Grade (Moisture Resistant Plywood). This is suitable for most of the interior applications when it comes to making furniture for home and office usage. Hence some people also refer this as the Interior Grade plywood. It must be noted here that this type of plywood is only moisture resistant and not water proof. Technically, this type of plywood is made using made Urea Formaldehyde (UF) glue.

2. BWR Grade: Possibly the most misunderstood (and hence mis-sold) plywood type in India! BWR is the short form for Boil and Water Resistant. This type of plywood has fare more resistance to moisture, hence is generally used in area of home with a high exposure to moisture/water like kitchen, furniture in balconies, verandahs etc. This is also called commonly called Exterior Grade plywood, though it might not be so. The most confusing aspect of this plywood is that in local markets, this is also called water-proof or marine plywood, which is another category of plywood altogether. 

3. Marine Grade: As the name indicates, this type of plywood is meant for marine applications i.e. where flowing water or excessive exposure to water is there. Technically, this is called BWP (Boiling Water Proof) plywood. In trade circles, this is also called 710 plywood, named so after the IS standards for this type of plywood (BIS 710). This is the true water-proof plywood and is made using water-proof phenolic resins. For home and office purposes, this type of plywood is rarely used, as these to be the most expensive as well. 


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