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Bison Panel Ceilings

The ceiling system adopted for Bison Panes is the usual suspended ceiling system which has gained popularity in the building industry. The usual methods adopted for suspended ceiling would also hold true for bison panels. The recommended thickness of the board is 6 mm or 8 mm.

The basics for a ceiling using bison panels are given below:

1)      Support framework: Grid can be made either with steel or aluminum Tee sections or with timber with suitable wall line supports. The suspension arrangement can be with G.I. wires of adequate gauge taken to required level from the sofit. The grid shall be 610 x 610 mm or 610 x 1220 mm (2’0 x 2’0 or 2’0 x 4’0.)


2)      Board laying: Once the framework is in place, the boards are laid on top of it. The boards are then screwed or nailed to the framework. The panels will have to be painted in dry condition on both sides and the ends in particular before inserting them in the grid.


3)      Cutouts: Any ceiling is likely to have provision for lights and fans. For such provisions, a cutout is made in the board itself. Wherever the lighting points occur, extra suspenders will have to be provided to take the load of the outfits.

You can order these boards in any size and thickness from here and the aluminum sections for creating the framework here.


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