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Bison Panel for Partitions

The properties of fire resistance and acoustic insulation apart from natural resistance to weather, fungus, termite and vermin attack, makes Bison an ideal choice for partitions, in residential, commercial, industrial complexes and public buildings. Bison Panel is an ideal material for many types of dry wall partitions including double skin, single skin, with steel and timber studs. are economical.

The basics for a partition using bison panels are given below:

1)      Support framework: These can either be steel or aluminum or wood.  For steel or aluminum framework, a mesh of studs (vertical pieces) and tracks (horizontal pieces) is created. The tracks are fixed on the floor and ceiling and then the studs are fixed. For timber-based framework, the entire framework is first assembled on the ground and then it is fixed to the ceiling, floor and walls.


2)      Board laying: Once the framework is in place, the boards are laid on top of it. The boards are then screwed or nailed to the framework.


3)      Cutouts: Any partition is likely to have provision for glass or even doors and windows. For such provisions, the space has to be left in the framework itself and after the laying of boards, the frame for door, or window or glass, is the fixed in the space left blank for the purpose.


You can order these boards in any size and thickness from here and the aluminum sections for creating the framework here.



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